State of Decay-skaparens nya studio stänger ned innan de släppt sitt debutspel

Jeff Strain, mannen bakom State of Decay, skapade 2021 en ny spelstudio vid namn Possibility Space. Nu har denna studio stängt sina dörrar utan att ha släppt en enda titel. I ett mail från Jeff, som gått ut till alla anställda, kan man bland annat läsa följande kring beslutet att lägga ner studion:

"Late last week I received a list of topics and questions from Ethan Gach, a reporter at Kotaku, regarding an article he’s writing about Prytania Media and the closure of Crop Circle Games. Much of it was expected but I was also stunned to see non-public information about Project Vonnegut, disclosure of our publishing partner with details of our business and financial relationship, and details of internal P&L discussions and confidential all-company meetings. Mr. Gach specifically credits current employees as the source of his information.

Leaks of this nature are typically malicious and done by outside hacking, so to see internal team members under a confidentiality agreement engage in this was shocking. Given the company’s own strict confidentiality and notification obligations, I immediately got on a plane for in-person meetings with our publishing partner to discuss the impact on the project. During that discussion our partner expressed low confidence they would be willing to invest the additional resources needed to complete the game, so we mutually agreed to cancel Vonnegut.

As a result of the cancellation of the publishing relationship and after careful consideration, I am closing Possibility Space."

Det är alltså på grund av interna läckor som studions utgivare nu inte verkar vilja ge vidare stöd till ett kommande projekt vid namn Vonnegut, som då antas vara det spel som studion arbetade på. Jeff avslutar vidare mailet med att berätta han nu lämnar spelbranschen.

"As of today I am stepping away from the game industry to focus on my family and care for Annie. I wish all of you the best as you navigate this complex industry and the challenges and opportunities ahead."

<bild>Inga spel blev det alltså för den nystartade studion.</bild>

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